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Workers Compensation | Fairfax 5000

Workers Compensation

Let's face it- the chances of you navigating a career in Policing without suffering some form of significant injury.  After an injury, the process can be confusing and a bit overwhelming.  Realizing this, the Coalition has set out to develop a system for supporting our members facing Worker's Compensation/ disability issues:

  1.  Education
    • Ensuring Officers understand what to do in the event of an injury obtained on duty or duty related.  Namely, TELL SOMEONE!
    • Ensuring First Line Supervisors and Commanders are filing the proper paperwork
    • Understanding timelines and roles in Department Personnel, County Risk Management, Corvel, among others
  2. Advocacy
    • Helping members navigate the process
    • Maintaining and utilizing good, professional working relationships with the Personnel Resources Division and Risk Management
    • Assisting and supporting members facing Service Connected Disability Retirement
  3. Representation through the Law Offices of Burgess and Perigard, PLLC
    • In the event that legal representation is required, we have retained the best!
    • As a rule, we notify our attorneys of all member related Workers Compensation cases and have them involved as early as possible.

Another important aspect of Workers Compensation that is finally getting the attention it deserves is addressing mental health and PTSD amongst Law Enforcement Officers.  We fully support the efforts of the Department Peers Support Program and Casualty Assistance Plan.  Furthermore, representatives of the Fairfax Coalition of Police have been selected to a newly empaneled Mental Health Awareness Task Force through IUPA, developing resources and initiatives that the Union can bring to affiliates across the country.

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do everything in our poser to get them the help they need.