Membership in the Fairfax Coalition of Police is an investment in yourself and your career!

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Member Benefits

  • Premier Legal Defense
  • Administrative/ Grievance Representation
  • Unmatched Workers Compensation support, including legal representation
  • Life Insurance
  • Training Opportunities
  • Constant lobbying to improve pay, benefits, and working conditions
    • Establish and maintain solid working relationships with County leaders such as the Board of Supervisors, County Executive’s Office, and Chief of Police to ensure the best representation
  • Membership in the International Union of Police Associations
    • Representation on the national level by the preeminent Police labor organization dedicated to increasing the pay, benefits, and working conditions of police officers across the country
  • Police Unity Tour fundraising assistance
  • Training fee assistance
  • Numerous benefits through UnionPlus
    • Ford/ Lincoln discounts
    • Vehicle rental discounts
    • Travel discounts
    • Education discounts
    • Credit Cards including programs to assist those with bad credit or rebuilding credit
    • Mortgage services through Wells Fargo