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Garrity Constitutional Protection Statement | Fairfax 5000

Garrity Constitutional Protection Statement

If ordered to give a statement without your counsel present, state or write this at the beginning of your statement:

On (date & time) at (place), I was ordered to submit this statement by (name and rank). I give this statement at his/her order as a condition of employment. I have no alternative but to abide by this order or face termination. It is my belief and understanding that the department requires this statement solely and exclusively for internal purposes and will not release it to any other agency. It is my further belief that this statement will not and cannot be used against me in any subsequent proceedings. I authorize release of this report to my attorney or designated union representative.

I retain the right to amend or change this statement upon reflection to correct any unintended mistake without subjecting myself to a charge of untruthfulness.

For any and all other purposes, I hereby reserve my Constitutional right to remain silent under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and any other rights prescribed by law. I rely specifically upon the protection afforded me under the doctrines set forth in Garrity and Spevack should this statement be used for any other purpose.

As always, there are significant variations in the law from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and Officers should contact their local counsel if they have specific questions on the procedure in their department.