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Legal Defense | Fairfax 5000

Legal Defense

International Union of Police Associations Legal Defense Fund- The Legal Defense Plan for Cops, by Cops!




The IUPA Legal Defense Fund is NOT an insurance policy, nor is it administered by an insurance company.  It is a non-profit organization whose funds are used solely for the defense and support of Law Enforcement Officers, with an almost 40 year proven track record.  The Board of Directors is comprised of ACTIVE DUTY Law Enforcement Officers, and the 24/7 legal administration office is staffed with attorneys and legal assistants with direct experience in Law Enforcement Officer defense.

Furthermore, the LDF gives us the ability to find and retain the best attorneys in our area to support and defend our members.  You will not deal with an attorney from outside the region, but with skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorneys who understand Fairfax County Courts, Fairfax County Government, and the Fairfax County Police Department!

The Legal Defense Fund is there for you with:

  • No Cap on Benefits
  • No Co-Payments
  • No Deductibles
  • No "Local" Board approval- it is a part of the investment you have made as a member of the Fairfax Coalition of Police

Legal Defense Fund Coverage for acts or omission within the scope of employment


  • Full representation by an experienced criminal attorney from the outset of the investigation through the conclusion of trial.
  • This benefit is available no matter what agency does the investigation:
  • Local
  • State
  • Federal
  • FBI


  • When your employer defends, but does not agree to wholly indemnify you, the Legal Defense Fund will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case. This means that the attorney is available to answer your questions about the case, review the pleadings and discovery, watch for conflicts between you and your employer, and monitor for inadequate representation.
  • You will be provided with independent counsel by the Legal Defense Fund if there is:
    • A legal conflict of interest between you and your employer;
    • Inadequate representation by your employer;
    • A considerable likelihood that punitive damages could be awarded against you; or,
    • If your employer refuses to represent you for an act or omission within the scope of your employment.

Costs Covered in Civil and Criminal

  • Attorneys fees and costs for the representation
  • Customary and usual services are also covered by the Legal Defense Fund for:
  • Investigators
  • Expert Witnesses:
    • Use of Force Experts * Pathologists * Computer Forensics * Polygraph Examiners* Trial Consultants
  • Court Reporters
  • Court Costs
  • Conflict coverage: If there is a legal conflict between members, each participant receives separate counsel.

Costs to You

  • There are no co-pays, no caps, and no deductibles for covered services.

If you have made the investment as a member, YOU ARE COVERED!

The International Union of Police Associations 1-800-247-4872 www.iupa.org